Silverware in Spanish: Spanish silverware

Spanish silver-ware maker, El Parejo del Cuervo, is expanding its business in the U.S. with a new production facility in Brooklyn, New York, which is set to open in July.

The company, which has been producing silverware since 1995, will open its first U.K. factory in 2019, according to a statement from El Paresco.

The announcement comes after El Paredjo announced its plans to open a production facility and distribution center in the United Kingdom earlier this year.

The news comes on the heels of the announcement by Spanish manufacturer, Parejas, that it will open a factory in Brooklyn. 

The company said in a statement that it has been in discussions with its local suppliers since the end of last year to explore expanding its supply chain in the coming years.

The U.P.A. silverware business, which employs about 1,000 people, is based in the south of Spain, where El Parsos factories produce the silverware that is sold in Europe and the U-K.

El Paringos was founded in 1994 and has been exporting silverware to more than 20 countries, including Britain, France, Spain, Italy, the U.-K., and Brazil.

El Parades de la Pareja, which was founded by Spanish and American businessman Miguel Fernández in 2006, has a large presence in the UK, where it produces silverware, tableware, and silverware for home and restaurant use. 

El Pareso also has an annual production capacity of roughly 1,300 metric tons of silverware.

The new factory will be able to produce up to 10,000 metric tons annually, according a statement. 

More: El Parades del Cuerva y el Cuervos is an award-winning Spanish silver company founded in 1996.

It has been supplying silverware and accessories to consumers and businesses for over 50 years, creating and exporting the highest quality silverware on the planet. 

For more news and views on silver, visit the Silver News blog.

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