The Queen’s new silverware – by the numbers

1: How many people have a silverware collection?

The Queen has had more than 10,000 silverware pieces.

2: How much are silverware worth?

The average Queen’s silverware price is £8,000, according to a survey conducted by the Royal Collection in 2015.

3: Who owns the Queen’s collection?

It is owned by the Queen, her daughter and two other relatives.

4: How old is the Queen?

Her husband, Prince Philip, died in December 2017 at the age of 95.

5: How long has the Queen owned the collection?

Her collection of silverware is thought to have been worth about £50m.

6: How does it feel to own silverware?

It can be a stressful time for collectors when the Queen has to make appointments to get her silverware out.

She said she was “bitter” when her silver was sold.

7: Who is the silverware manufacturer?

Queen Elizabeth’s silver was made in the late 1800s by the firm of Wandsworth & Co, which became the Queen Elizabeth Silver Company in 1908.

8: What is the Royal Mint’s business model?

It makes and sells gold, silver and copper coins, but its biggest customer is the Government, which sells the silver and gold for its budget.

9: What are the Queen and Prince Philip’s family’s interests in silverware manufacturing?

The Princess and the Duke of Edinburgh are directors of the company.

10: What does silverware make?

Silverware made by Wandsow & Co is often sold by the pound or by weight.

11: Who controls the silver market?

The Royal Mint is the biggest seller of silver in the world, with nearly two-thirds of the world’s supply.

12: How do I buy silverware from the Royal Family?

The Silver Council (formerly the Royal Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee) has the authority to regulate the sale of silver and is the largest buyer of silver for private individuals.

13: How can I buy a silver or gold coin?

The silver coin has to be produced and then shipped from the mint to a customer who has to pay a mark-up.

The mark-ups are usually in the thousands of pounds.

14: What do people think of the Royal family?

They are “extremely respected and well-liked”, according to the Queen.

The Queen is also said to be “very proud” of the Silver Council, which she chairs.

15: What can I do to help the Royal household?

Buy silver jewellery, jewellery and silverware online.

16: Is it safe to buy silver from the UK?

It depends on how much silver is in the silver coin.

If the coin is of high quality, it should be sold in a safe.

The Royal Household’s Royal Mint, in Wales, says the coins are made by the UK-owned British Steel Company and have no traces of trace metal.

17: What happens to my silver coins?

If they are bought from the British Silver Company, they are usually put in storage at the mint.

18: Can you sell my silver?

The Mint of Wales says you cannot sell silver if it is found in an “abnormal condition”.

It says you should sell it to a jeweler, but it is not known how much that could be. 19: What should I do if I find a silver coin in my possession?

If the coins do not meet the criteria of being “in an abnormal condition”, they should be thrown out.

If it is a very good coin, it may be worth £200.

20: What if I don’t know what the coin was worth?

It may be tempting to think the coin may have been given away as a gift.

However, if you find it, you should contact the Royal Household to arrange a donation.

21: Can I get a coin from the Queen or the Duke?

If you can’t find the coin, you can donate it to the Royal Silver Company or the British Mint.

You can also give a coin to the British Museum’s Goldsmiths Gallery.

22: Are there any special rules about selling silver coins in the UK, such as the Queen getting her silver from her father?

The UK Silver Act makes it illegal to sell silver in any form or condition that could lead to the destruction of the precious metal.

23: What about the Royal Diamond Jubilee coins?

There is no law in the Republic of Ireland preventing the Queen from getting her royal silver from family members.

The only exception to this is if she is the Duchess of Cambridge, who is not entitled to the same privileges.

24: What’s the legal status of gold in the United Kingdom?

Gold is the precious metals’ “only legal” currency.

It is worth 10 times more than sterling, which is used in payments.

25: What kind of gold is it?

Gold coins are known as “crown gold” coins.

They are not worth as much as the real stuff

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