Silverware Patterns to Inspire your Collection

We all have some amazing patterns that we can show off to our friends and family, but there’s a whole new category of silverware that we’re particularly proud of for their design prowess.

Here are 10 silverware pattern that can make your silverware collection even more eye-catching than before.


The Nailer’s Handcut Silverware Pattern – This one is simple and beautiful, and if you’re going to show it off, it has to be a little bit intricate.

The pattern on the front of this silverware dishwasher is an example of the latter, which is made with two different styles of nails.

The two nails are made of silver, with a gold-colored top, and the top is covered with a thin, flat white base.

The edges of the nail are made out of a thin piece of wood and then, of course, decorated with silver accents.

The finished silverware is a simple design, but you can’t go wrong with a bit of artistic flair. 


The Carriage Holder Silverware – A silver carriage holder is a very classy way to keep your silver items on your plate.

The design on this silver carriage is the work of designer and jewelry maker Shari Davis, who also designed the original Carriage Shower Handcut silverware.

It’s made with a long handle and a round design, which creates a very elegant design that has a lot of room for decorating. 


The Shaker Silverware Holder Pattern – The classic Shaker pattern is often the only way you can find this elegant silverware on the market.

The silverware in this pattern is made out, of all things, of copper, and it’s covered with gold leaf and a clear silver base. 


The Jeweler’s Silverware Shaker Pattern – If you want something a little more decorative than the classic Shakers silverware, you can add a little sparkle to your silver jewelry by creating your own shaker silverware!

This silverware design from designer and jeweler Janna Wier, who is based in New York City, uses an eye-staining pattern on both the front and back of each piece. 


The Silverware Bowl Holder Pattern — This silver bowl holder design is the perfect gift for your silver tableware.

You can add some sparkle with this silver silverware bowl holder, which features a silver rim with a clear blue background. 


The Sling Holder Pattern– This simple silverware sling holder is so cute and simple, and with the silverware pictured above, you get a whole lot of sparkle! 


The Pouch Holder Pattern This is the best silverware holder for any occasion.

The picture above shows a silver pouch holder that’s made out out of the same material as the silver table. 


The Golden Plate Holder Pattern This silverware pendant design is simple, yet elegant.

The details include a gold leaf in the top and a bright silver rim, which adds a sparkle and a little style to any silver table! 


The Handmade Silverware Lining Pattern If you don’t want to mess with a lot more silverware than you’d like to, there’s also a very simple silver lining pattern on this pattern. 


The Gold Jeweler Silverware Stands Pattern — You can also add some fun to your tableware collection with this lovely silverware stand.

The gold silverware stands are made with the same silverware as the tableware, and feature a clear gold leaf.

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