A New York couple is giving a gift of Christmas silverware to a family in need

A New Jersey couple has been giving Christmas silver forks and knives to a North Carolina family for the holidays.

Claire and John Connors, a married couple from North Carolina, bought silverware from an antique shop in East Orange, New Jersey, in 2014, the New York Post reported.

The Connorss have been giving out gifts at local Christmas events in recent months, and have received a warm welcome at their home, according to The Post.

On Sunday, the Connors’s daughters, Paige and Ella, hosted their first Christmas party at their North Carolina home, where they got gifts from the Connourss and a woman who worked in the antique shop.

“I don’t know if she knew I was doing this,” John Connor told the Post.

“She said, ‘I can’t believe it, this is the best Christmas I’ve ever seen.'”

John Connor, center, and Claire Connors in their North Jersey home.

A Christmas tree is displayed at their house.

The Connors family is planning to donate the silverware and silverware spoon to the family.

(Courtesy of Claire Connor)A picture of the silver and silver fork and knife donated to the Connor family.

Clare Connors said she was not aware the family was donating the gifts to the poor until the Post asked.

“The first thing that popped into my head was the children,” she said.

“It’s like, I’ve never given them a gift before, but I thought, this could be a great way to give back.”

The family is hoping to donate some of the gift to the local orphanage.

John Connors told the paper that he was not able to reach out to the children and had no idea that the family had donated gifts to their local homeless shelter.

“We’re a good family, but we’re a little too old for this stuff,” he said.

Clive Connors added that he’s also planning to give away some of his silverware in his own name.

“My wife has told me she’s got to give it away.

She’s getting married next year, so I’m thinking, if I do it, I don’t want it to go to waste,” he told the newspaper.

The Post reported that the Connoress are expecting their first child in January and said they were looking forward to having a big Christmas party.

The couple said they have plans to donate more gift items to the charity that they have donated to, and hope to continue donating to charity after they have a child.

“It was such a wonderful experience and a wonderful family experience,” Claire Connora said.

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