When a $2,000 black-and-white dress looks good with silverware, it’s a $4,000 steal

It’s the black-out night and the day of the big party and it’s time for a big, expensive dinner.

The dinner that will have everyone in the family singing along to the hit tune of the same name, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The party is a bit of a ruse, according to a study of black-tie parties at elite restaurants by the American Sociological Association.

They’re not just the big, fancy parties that the big-name chefs and their guests enjoy.

Instead, the dinners are usually a series of smaller, casual dinners that serve as a sort of party-like setting, the sociologists say.

It’s a way to keep guests entertained and to build a sense of community, the researchers write in their new study.

“If we take these people and put them in these small, intimate settings, they tend to feel like they’re at home,” said Michael Kors, a sociologist and author of “Black: How the Color of Our Colors Shape the Lives of Black People.”

“It’s a kind of social bonding that people feel comfortable with.”

For this new study, the team set out to compare the diners’ social behavior to their dining experience.

The diners sat in chairs and ate at tables at a restaurant in Washington, D.C., on the eve of Thanksgiving, and the sociological team recorded the diner’s behavior, their meal choices, and their social cues to the dinerettes.

In each case, the dinings were conducted between 11:30 p.m. and 4 a.m., and all diners were asked to leave and return within a two-minute period.

The study team then had the diniers return and take a picture of themselves with a silverware or dish they had brought from home.

For each participant, the study team collected a set of three photos, including the dinist’s face, the date of their meal, and how much they spent.

The team also had the participants rate their social connections to each of the dinaters and how they felt about their diners.

The final dataset had data from 1,000 people who participated in all three types of diners, and researchers then calculated their social-networking scores.

The results showed that diners who were the least social and least connected with the dinette’s host felt the most anxious, depressed, and stressed about their food.

The study also showed that social cues were the most important factors in influencing diners to make decisions that led to poor food.

For example, diners whose social links to the host were poor scored lower on measures of depression, self-esteem, and happiness.

And the results were not limited to social cues.

Participants who were in close contact with their host scored higher on measures such as self-efficacy and self-confidence, as well as on measures like how happy they felt, how much money they made, and on how much the host cared about them.

Overall, the results suggest that diner behavior is related to social connections and social support, the research team concluded.

It’s hard to know whether diners are actually making bad decisions because they’re trying to please their hosts, the authors said.

But they do suggest that this is something that needs to be taken into account when choosing how much to spend.

“If you want to be a social butterfly, it may be more important to spend a lot than you think,” Kors said.

“The more you spend, the less you have to be careful about,” he said.

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