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About leilani


sterling silver + vinyl tile
industrial material + contemporary style

What we do
Utilizing the unlikely combination of vinyl tile and sterling silver settings, Leilani Norman-Young has created a unique handmade jewelry line. Unexpected materials and traditional techniques complement each other in this work, offering the discriminating jewelry collector both contemporary style and the highest quality, hand fabricated pieces. Tile elements are friction set into meticulously prepared sterling settings, then each setting is hand textured and burnished for contrast and finish. Pieces that feature moving elements, such as earrings and bracelets, are riveted together giving the jewelry a subtle industrial quality.

What makes us unique
Leilani – modern jewelry is a San Francisco Bay Area jewelry studio whose mission is to present personal objects for the enjoyment of the wearer. Industrial forms, furniture, sculpture and architecture influence Leilani Norman-Young, owner and designer. Leilani creates jewelry by using unexpected structures and materials. Comfort to the wearer is an important consideration for her - the pieces must feel good on the skin; earrings are dramatic and lightweight; bracelets compliment the lines of the hand and wrist.

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